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Sergio Aguero Honored By Manchester City With A Statue Celebrating His 93:20 Goal

A moment frozen in time at the Etihad. Manchester City are celebrating 10 years of their shocking title, with that 93:20 goal by Sergio Aguero.

Almost 91 years had passes since their last title, but a miraculous goal at the very last moment begun a new era. Now, Sergio Aguero has a new statue outside of the Etihad Stadium honoring his title-winning goal 10 years ago.

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It was the last day of the 2011-12 Premier League season, Manchester United had won their match against Sunderland and were top of the league, with 89 points. Manchester City were 2-2 against QPR when the clock hit the 93 minutes of total time and that result would leave them with 87 points.

But, right on the 93rd minute with 20 seconds, Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero received a ball from Mario Balotelli inside the box and sent it to the back of the net. That put them tied with their red neighbors with 89 points, but with a better goal average, thus crowning the Citizens with their third ever First Division title, 91 years after their previous one.

That victory began a new era for the club which now reigns in English football almost unopposed. Ten years have passed and the club wanted to commemorate that moment and they did it with a statue showing the Argentinian’s shirt-off celebration.

Fans will be able to see this Sergio Aguero metal version at Etihad Stadium, celebrating a huge moment in Manchester City’s history.

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