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Shadow Of My Dreams: The New Raheem Sterling Collection with New Balance

Celebrating the path to success. New Balance returns to work together with its most outstanding players; now, Shadow Of My Dreams, the new collection for Raheem Sterling.

Just a few days ago, New Balance introduced us to its “Tri Aura” package, as well as launching the first kits for a Brazilian team, featuring the 2022 home and away jerseys for RB Bragantino. Now, the American brand is once again focusing on one of its most outstanding players.

The Shadow Of My Dreams collection is worked in conjunction with Sterling; is inspired by the player’s path to success, his growth from playing street football in the shadows of Wembley to representing and, on several occasions, captaining his national team at the highest level.

The collection is centered around a striking black and red color palette, with the standout piece being a limited-edition Furon v6+ soccer boot and custom 327 sneakers that give consumers choice on and off the pitch.

The words “You are the creator of your own success” are engraved on the inner sole as a tribute to those who dare to dream. Also, matching clothing items are included for a complete fit.

“For my debut New Balance collection, I really wanted to celebrate where my footballing journey began and show that even being born into the most difficult of circumstances cannot stop your rise to achieve the greatest of dreams. As a child, I envisioned myself representing England on Wembley ground, one of the most iconic stadiums in world sport, and look at me today. Brent has risen from the shadows. I never stopped believing in myself. I want young people to be proud of their beginnings and also reach for the stars,” Raheem said about Shadow Of My Dreams.

New Balance’s Shadow Of My Dreams Collection for Raheem Sterling is now available for purchase on the NB website.

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