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Showdown, adidas’ Latest Launch For 2022

From European finals to the World Cup. As this season reaches its dusk and the dawn of a new one gets closer, adidas just launched their new Showdown pack.

The football year is coming to an end, but there are still several surprises to have along the World Cup that looms in the distance. That’s why adidas decided to launch their Showdown pack, their latest addition to this year’s catalogue.

We have seen how several teams have lifted their yearned trophies, like Bayern Munich in Bundesliga, Real Madrid in La Liga, Ajax and PSG on their respective leagues, even Eintracht Frankfurt on Europa League.

But, there’s still so much at stake like the Premier League, Serie A, Europa Conference League, and of course, the UEFA Champions League final. All that, besides the different Nations Leagues that will be played, before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Preparing for all those events, the German brand launched a new colorway for their X Speedflow and Predator Edge. Both models have the color red in common, while the former ones mix it with black, the latter use the white as a base.

We can find the new adidas Showdown pack at, for £ 230 ($ 287 USD) both models.