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The Great Debate: The New Documentary Where Charles Barkley Talks About GOATs

Let the discussion begin. Charles Barkley, one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, will talk about the greatest players in the history of the league, in the documentary The Great Debate.

The premiere is scheduled for this coming May 18, an unbeatable preview for the start of the 2022 NBA Western Conference Finals. The project seeks to reformulate the classic debate about the best basketball player of all time, starting from the redefinition of the very concept of ‘greatness’.

The moment to do The Great Debate seems more than opportune, after the NBA announced its list of the best 75 players in the history of the league in the last All-Star Weekend, which precisely this year celebrates its 75th anniversary.

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Among the members of this select list, is Barkley himself, a true figure and, perhaps, the best player to pass through the Phoenix Suns. Now, Sir Charles will talk in depth about the players who marked his career, as well as what it means to be part of this select list.

According to the producers, The Great Debate is every generation’s “love letter to their NBA heroes.”

“We have taken a very different approach in expanding the GOAT conversation to include the massive impact my top choices have had on American culture, civil rights, the business world, and even our identity as a country. And it’s very entertaining too.”

The documentary will have a total of six profiles, based on the “best” Barkley players from each decade; plus, a panel discussion with TNT analyst Inside the NBA and Spike Lee, Jackie MacMullan and Renee Montgomery.

The Great Debate is directed by Scott Boggins and is co-produced with Barkley, Marc Perm, Marina Grasic, Jai Khanna, Randy Becke, Craig Jenest and Robert E. Morgan.