KRIMY Tyrone Mings Mitre 5

Tyrone Mings is Mitre’s New Global Ambassador

Different league. Mitre, the sports brand based in England, announced its new global ambassador; it is the defender Tyrone Mings, current player of Aston Villa and the National Team of his country.

As a social actor off the field, the 29-year-old defender was an ideal candidate to represent all the values ​​that make up the brand, responsible for manufacturing the balls for the FA Cup, the oldest tournament in the world and which recently saw Liverpool crowned in its 150th edition.

Specifically, Tyrone Mings joins the Different League campaign, which embraces Mitre’s position as the true grassroots brand, encouraging players to watch and play, regardless of age or ability.

Beyond his professional career, Mings seeks to support his community through soccer; with his own academy, Villain Number 5 professionally trains children of all abilities between the ages of 6 and 16 in the South West and Midlands.

Adding to his work, Mitre supports the academy with its latest balls and equipment in a collective effort to help bring accessibility and enjoyment to the future generation of soccer players.

“Some of my earliest memories of playing football as a child at Chippenham were with the Mitre balls and together, we are committed to getting more children to play football for the love of the game,” Mings said of his new role as an ambassador for the Mark.

Thus, Tyrone Mings joins a brand that is synonymous with high quality, since Mitre can boast of manufacturing the best soccer balls in the world, which you can buy in its online store.