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Tyrrell Winston Portraits The Energy Of Basketball In His New Sculpture

Bringing basketball and art closer together. Tyrrell Winston presented his newest creation, a sculpture that captures the energy of basketball.

He is known mostly for his work with found materials, and creating pieces that touch subjects like culture and sports. It’s no surprise to see a basketball net in Tyrrell Winston’s most recent sculpture.

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The basic form of this piece is a basketball net, but one that has just received a swish shot, and it’s moving accordingly. Also, the colors are vibrant and they change depending on the perspective of the watcher.

It is made of epoxy, with chrome and automotive urethane paint, giving its characteristic blue, pink and purple look. All while representing the ultimate goal in the sport and its energy.

This piece by Tyrrell Winston is part of the Swimming Pools and Bubblegum collection and it can be purchased from for $2,750 USD.


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