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Victor Solomon Showed The Stunning New NBA Trophies

Giving a classic an impressive new look. Victor Solomon and Tiffany & Co. just presented their new designs for the NBA Larry O’Brien trophy and a few more.

Even such an iconic piece of silverware can be improved, at least that’s what the artist and the jewelry giants did for the league. The NBA will have a new revamped trophy designed by Victor Solomon and Tiffany & Co. along with four new additions.

It was time to renew the image of the Larry O’Brien trophy to go along with the times, that’s why the artist took the classic design and added a few details. The original shape remains, but with a few tweaks, made of 24K silver.

It now dons a net-inspired texture on the trophy’s body with contrasting plating, same thing with the ball seams. Also, it replaced the traditional rectangular base with a two-tiered cylindrical column with the first one carrying the name of all previous champions, while the second one is blank, waiting for the next 25 champions, completing the count to their first Century.

Besides the Champions trophy, the artist and the company created five more trophies, the Bill Russell trophy for the finals MVP, along with one for each of the Conference champions, honoring Bob Cousy in the East and Oscar Robertson in the West, besides two more for their MVPs.

Here’s an additional nod to other two NBA legends. There will be a new MVP trophy for the Conference finals. The Eastern Conference honors Larry Bird while the Western one, is named after Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson.

These new NBA trophies by Victor Solomon and Tiffany’s will be given this season, and we’ll be their witnesses in the following weeks.