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‘We Are M’, The Film Celebrating BMW’s M-Sport 50th Anniversary

Half a century, a whole history for the car manufacturer. BMW subsidiary, M-Sport is celebrating 50 years of existence and they’re doing it with a special film: ‘We Are M’.

A short-film trying to recreate a tiny portion of a huge story that began in a whole different world, but which has made its mark. With ‘We Are M’, BMW is celebrating 50 years of their iconic M-Sport label.

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Back in 1973 the world was a different place; the Sydney Opera House opened its doors, bands like Aerosmith and KISS were being born, the Vietnam war came to an end and the US Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade; that’s when the iconic M-series began.

To commemorate M-Sport becoming 50 years old, the German brand has decided to include the classic BMW Motorsport logo in all of the models produced since March 2022. Also, 50 special M paint finishes will be available on selected cars.

To top the whole campaign is the ‘We Are M’ short-film which includes footage from the different decades the label has been around, including behind-the-scenes material from the iconic 1979 Andy Warhol’s BMW M1 art car. The whole campaign can be seen at, reviving their best moments.


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