KRIMY Ceeze Victory Chair 1

Ceeze Victory Chair: The Fantastic Creation with Remnants of Nike Shoes

A chair you won’t want to use. Ceeze Creative Studio found an amazing way to put the bountiful supply of sneaker cutouts to use: The Ceeze Victory Chair.

Over the years, the studio has been known for designing bespoke shoes and accessories, such as custom Nike SB Dunk Lows or a limited-edition burgundy Air Jordan 5. Now, possibly with a sustainable intention, they are turning their work around.

KRIMY Ceeze Victory Chair

The Ceeze Victory Chair, has a structure made of Baltic birch, highlighting its cushions, which are carefully crafted with the upper part of the recovered Air Jordan. The Swoosh can also be seen on his legs.

For the elaboration of the cushions, each discarded shoe was dissected, before applying it to the Napa leather backrest and upholstering the inner cushion. Each of these chairs required a total of 75 hours of work.

The Ceeze Victory Chair went on sale this May 31 at, for a price of $6,500 USD, and its production was exclusively limited to 10 pieces.

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