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Meet ‘Re-Creation’, Nike’s New Program

More than recycling, a second life. Nike has just launched their new ‘Re-Creation’ program in an effort to achieve their zero-carbon and zero-waste goal.

It is an effort that goes beyond just reutilizing pieces of clothing, it’s part of a bigger plan by the brand. The new ‘Re-Creation’ program is but one part of Nike’s circular economy approach.

They already had the Nike Refurbished and the Nike Recycling & Donation programs going on. Now, this new initiative pretends to take vintage and deadstock pieces and use them to create new items.

Also, these new pieces will be designed and manufactured locally on the places they were gathered. For this first effort they released a series of fleece hoodies and crewnecks, inspired by LA sports culture.

This new ‘Re-Creation’ program, at least this first launch will be available only at Nike’s The Grove booth in Los Angeles.


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