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‘Reverse Liverpool’, The New Colorway For The Nike LeBron 9 Low

A new sneaker for the Reds, of the Greens in this case. The Nike LeBron 9 Low have a brand-new colorway, the ‘Reverse Liverpool’ honoring the Premier League side.

LeBron James has been a stockholder for the club for many years, and this one it was time to acknowledge it once again. That’s why there’s a new colorway, the ‘Reverse Liverpool’, for the Nike LeBron 9 Low.

After a difficult week for the Reds, when they lost the Premier League, as well as the Champions League final in less than seven days, they have something to smile about. These sneakers don their traditional colors, only the other way around.

Liverpool F.C. usually has a red kit with a few green details, just like the sneaker model which came in 2012. But, now it was time to turn things around and they did it with the sneaker donning a green base with red details.

They also have a diamond-shaped badge on the heel with the Liver bird and the L.F.C. lettering, Liverpool F.C.’s logo. These new Nike LeBron 9 Low ‘Reverse Liverpool’ will arrive at in the following months.


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