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Sabukaru Joins CCP.FM For A Special Weatherproof Jacket

A new spot needed a new icon for the brand. Sabukaru and CCP.FM joined forces to create a new weatherproof jacket celebrating the opening of their first pop-up in Tokyo.

It is a first-ever occasion for the label and they wanted it to extra special, especially given the venue. Sabukaru is about to open their first kiosk-style pop-up in Tokyo, so, they got together with CCP.FM to design a new water-resistant jacket.

For all those who want to protect themselves from the weather, here comes a jacket designed by both labels. It’s all-black exterior may seem simple at first-sight but it is not so.

This coach jacket is made for bike-lovers from all over the world, including a series of reflective SCC logos to make them visible at night. Also, it includes double two-way zippers, while having three hidden pockets.

On the inside there are a couple of straps in green and pink which resemble parachute straps, making it easier to carry. This jacket by Sabukaru and CCP.FM will be available at the brand’s kiosk pop-up in the SPAGHETTI gallery of Tokyo, from June 3rd to June 5th.


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