It was all a dream . . .


KRIMY is the premier online destination that concentrates solely on creating high-quality sporting & lifestyle content.

We are a fully distributed team that integrates itself into the culture of modern media by creating innovative sporting lifestyle content within the smartest digital platforms. We are a data-minded and editorially-focused lifestyle company.

Our network, our creativity, and our services change the way content is produced, distributed, and consumed. We’re headquartered out of Miami Fl. with offices in Los Angeles and Mexico City as well.


Our aim is to bring life the very things that have provided the backdrop to the lives of generations. We have created a unique portal that gives readers unparalleled access to definitive and unique content by allowing them to dive deeper into their passion points and obsessions.

We create top-level and relevant content that connects with a selected audience which then broadcasts that content on a macro level throughout all of the world’s largest digital platforms.


KRIMY helps its brand partners achieve their objectives. Through our team of producers, writers, designers, strategists, analysts and developers, we help create powerful, effective content. Our services include Photo Production, Video Production, Content Strategy, Original Editorial, Social Media Strategy & Event Activations.

Feeding our readers with Athletic / Cultural / Editorial / Contemporary / Cross Over / Trends / Creative Content